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Why Should You Use Explainer Videos to Engage Your Audience?

explainer videos

Explainer videos have become more and more popular in the last few years, and for a very good reason! Some businesses report conversion rates of about 144% after including an explainer video on their website.


What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short marketing videos that are highly engaging and help the audience understand all the wonders of your product/service, how it may apply to them and how it will make their lives easier.

You may have the greatest product or service that many companies could benefit from. But sometimes the application and advantages are not necessarily clear to customers. This is especially true with new and unusual products or services that are giving a twist to the way their traditional counterpart works or the benefits it provides.

Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page to catch the attention of visitors, before they lose interest due to a lack of understanding of what it is you actually do.

We’ve created thousands of explainer videos for companies.

Here are just a few:


Purell SmartLink


Keesler Federal


Cogmedix Compliance


Why are explainer videos so successful?

In his book, 60 Seconds: How to tell your company’s story & the brain science that makes it stick, Andrew Angus explains the science behind these videos, attributing their effectiveness to the fact that, while people can usually only retain 10% of the information they receive when that information is presented with images and audio at the same time, that retention rate goes up to an astounding 68%.

That’s a 580% increase in retention!

Because of this, Andrews’ book states that people who have watched an explainer video are 64% more likely to make a purchase and, according to a survey by Forbes, 60% of people would rather watch a video before reading the text on a page.

With these numbers, it’s no wonder why explainer videos provide such excellent results and are becoming increasingly more popular amongst businesses.


What makes a successful explainer video ?

The key to your video creating an impact is the script. Many companies overlook this step and end up wasting their money on something that is just not going to work.

Scripts are a pillar for any kind of video and the absolute more important part of it is that they need to tell a story, don’t just say “hi, we’re a company and we offer this product.”

You need to build a story around the solutions your product can offer. Help your potential clients understand why they need it, and do it in an engaging way; unless this is for the purpose of training, most people don’t want to watch a long corporate video about your values and your facilities.

People want to get a glimpse into your personality as a brand, the way you carry yourself, and how relatable you can be to their situation.

At Anvil, we take care of EVERYTHING; from script to final product.

Take this video we created for CenterGrid Compass:

The result of this incredible storytelling concept created a script that allowed the company to explain to potential customers why they should buy the product and how it will make their lives better without turning it into a 5-minute lecture fit for the classroom of a boring teacher.

The formula is simple:

  1. You introduce a character
  2. Talk about a problem the character experiences, and then
  3. Introduce your solution


Keep it short

We know there is a lot to say about your business and there is a lot you want your clients to know. But remember, explainer videos are just the hook.

This video es meant to spark interest in people about what you can offer, not to be a thesis on the inner workings of your company.

As attention spans get shorter, you need to prioritize the information you’re including. The more you say, the less people are likely to remember; so, include only what people must know.


Types of explainer videos

Whiteboard Animation

Some of the most popular explainer videos out there are drawn on a whiteboard and filmed. These videos are used by many because of the simplicity and low cost of production, though they were a big hit when they first came out, whiteboard videos have become less and less effective.

However, it is still a great choice especially if you have a low budget.

Animated Videos

These are the most used today. Animation allows for a lot more creativity since you’re not bound by the laws of reality. This is especially helpful when you sell digital solutions that are hard to portray with live-action such as software and apps.

Just like we did for Coughlin SPL:

Live Action Videos

These are quite pricey, but it mainly depends on how big you want your production to be. The ability to have a human being on screen creates a deeper and more instant connection. Live-action works wonders for businesses that sell physical products or people-oriented services like restaurants, apps, or consulting agencies.

Here’s a good example of live action videos:


Closing Thoughts

Explainer videos are an amazing tool to grow your business and show your clients what your products are all about—and what your company stands for. But not only that, it is a very fun way to engage with your niche and connect with audiences.

Don’t forget to measure your video’s performance, depending on where you are hosting your video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

You will have different tools for understanding how people are reacting and interacting with your video; how many minutes of it they’re watching; and how much engagement it creates.

With this, you’ll be able to determine what about your video works best and apply that for future productions.

If you’d like to know more about how to engage your audience through video marketing, take a look at our weekly posts, or reach out for a personal consultation.



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