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Commercial Video Production: What Companies Must Know

commercial video production

Businesses have had to adapt like never before, which is why you might now need to advertise through videos. This is why commercial video production is fundamental to get your message across.

As the digital age progresses, the advertisement world rapidly changes. Our habits and attention spans have been affected by smartphones and our new ways of living.

Video is the format of the twenty-first century. Why? Because it carries many amazing advantages, especially for connecting with a wide array of audiences. Not to mention it’s more dynamic and interactive; so, it helps capture the attention of your audience, raises engagement, and delivers more complex messages easier.

An emotional connection

One of the most powerful strategies for advertisement in today’s market is playing to the emotional side; it helps you connect with people and it makes your message relatable.

At the same time, it helps your audiences understand your brand and develop a preference for it. A video is an amazing tool for achieving all of this because of its great capacity for storytelling.

A great example is this video we created for Lipman Family Farms:

Think about the greatest commercials out there.

The key to their success is often the concept behind it. It has  to do with the actual product or the technical aspects of it.

Coca-Cola commercials, for example, will never be about the ingredients or the process; it’s always about family, holidays, friends, connection, etc.

There is a reason for this. Over time, focusing on emotions has proven to be effective when creating a connection with audiences.


Engage with a story or a concept

Storytelling is of course not exclusive to video, images and pictures also have their unique form of storytelling. However, it’s highly limited, especially when you compare it to the capabilities of video.

Whether it’s animation or live-action video, these formats give you a more diverse platform to convey your message and in a lot of cases you can incorporate other formats within videos such as text and images.

Enjoy this video we made for Knappogue Castle Whiskey:


Commercial Video Production: Finding the right company

Like anything worthwhile, it takes a lot of research and planning to find a professional video production company

But, before you begin doing your research and invest your time and money, you’ll need to define your audience. 

Segmenting your market will give you a higher chance of success with your video and it might change the way you envision it, depending on who you want to address.

Take time to scout

If you’re hiring a company to do your videos, chances are they’ll take care of most parts of the video production process.

However, it’s always a smart choice to tag along and help with location scouting– just to make sure you’re both on the same page and agreeing on the specifics. 

With that said, if you’re not a video professional yourself, it’s important to trust your directors’ vision since they have a keen eye when it comes to imagining how things are going to look on video. 


Animation or live-action?

Video allows a world of possibilities. So, deciding which style will portray your company’s value best can be overwhelming. 


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The truth is that there’s no straight answer. Both styles have its pros and cons. 

If you do animation, you won’t need to hire talent, but animation can be expensive and a lengthy process. 

It all comes down to your brand and what works for it. 

Your brand will be set up to connect with your customers and clients; so, your brand guidelines should take into consideration the photography style and video style.

To help you make this kind of choice, in case you have not built a brand, you can base the decision on your target profiles and consider budgeting for both options.

A producer or director might be able to help you consolidate your ideas and figure out what option will give you better results.

If you go for live action, avoid problems and check for the necessary permits beforehand.

Many places will require you to get a permit to film at that location, especially public places. But some private spaces will also charge for use of the premises to film.

Do your research to avoid wasting time and potentially money. You could even get high fines if you set up production in a space that requires permits such as public parks, airports, the street, and many others, a producer can help determine what licenses you may need.


Invest in professionals

It may seem tempting to save money by having a friend or employee appear on your videos. But, acting is a very serious job, and just like not hiring a professional electrician can be a dreadful idea, not hiring actors will take a toll on your videos.

Even if it’s just voice over!

You can usually tell when people don’t have acting experience.  You don’t want your video to feel awkward and robotic, that’s only going to make your audience feel off and your business will come across as cheap.

Investing in talent is crucial for video. The same goes when it comes to producers, editors, and the crew in general.


Last words of advice

Video may seem overwhelming and like a ton of work. And we’re not going to lie, it certainly is. Especially for commercial video production.

But the payoff is completely worth it. Video is the best tool we have today to create engagement and promote our business.

Whether it is by making a commercial, explainer videos or video content marketing, this is the most used and effective methods of advertisement, because of the amazing results it can produce.

Commercial videos can take your business to the next level. So, if you have the time and resources, this is a must investment.

Hire a professional video production company to help you with the specifics. Don’t miss out on the great benefits of using video to make your business grow like never before.

If you’d like to know more about how to engage your audience through video marketing, take a look at our weekly posts, or reach out for a personal consultation.

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