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Choose the Right Animation Style for Your Brand

If you are interested in getting an animated video for your business or company, you ought to know that there are 4 types of animation. 

This article will help you decide which style could effectively represent your brand and highlight the values of your company.

Lets’ jump right in!


Types of Animation


  1. Digital 2D Animation


In the before times, animations were made by drawing frame by frame to simulate movement. With today’s technology drawing skills are still required, but the process is simpler and faster. 


Everything from cartoon series and Japanese anime to video games and movies are made in 2D, because there is a vast amount of tools and platforms that are easy to access and affordable.


Here’s a good example of how 2D Animation can be perfect to present information in a fun and dynamic way: 


  1. 3D Animation


When the images are rendered in 3 dimensions, you get a 3D Animation. In order to do this, the animator must set digital frames where all of the parts of a character or object are in the right position. They do this for each frame, and the computer calculates the motion.


Today, 3D animation is used in more industries than ever before, from video games, movies and TV shows to other non-entertainment related industries, such as medicine and architecture.


This is a great example of how 3D animation can help illustrate elements of your business in an eye-catching, realistic way:



  1. Motion Graphics


This type of animation is commonly used for ads and title sequences in films. They are simple digital graphics that create the illusion of motion, sometimes with text as a main player.  


The main difference from Motion Graphics and typical animation is that it is not strictly character driven or story based.


In this video you can appreciate how the Motion Graphics effectively emphasize the main ideas of this company’s message:



  1. Animation mixed with live action


This is a powerful solution that allows you to show real-life situations and amplify them with animation layered on top of live-action footage.


This technique allows you to create unique styles and compelling stories. It can also reduce production costs on visual effects and locations. 

Check out how the animated elements make this video feel more dynamic and entertaining: 



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