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Types of Videos for Social Media That Will Boost Your Sales

videos for social media

Social media has become one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience. Whether they are your customers, peers or employees, you can get your message across with a wide variety of tools. And definitely, the strategy that will help you reach a wider audience is making videos for social media.


Videos are not only a more dynamic and engaging way to advertise a product or service, but they also can be used to educate, train or inform. It all comes down to finding the right video for your audience.


Read on to learn more about the Best Types of Videos you can use for your Social Media strategies.


Types of Videos for Social Media


  1. Explainer Videos


If you offer a complex product or process, then you might want to try Explainer Videos to make things easier to grasp. With the aid of eye-catching visuals representations, you can connect with your audience and catch their attention while walking them through everything they need to know about. 


Here’s an example. This video highlights how this company makes the much-feared mortgage process as smooth as it can be:


  1. Tutorials


Similar to the Explainer Videos, Tutorial videos are useful to demonstrate your audience how to perform certain tasks related to your industry. So if you need to show your customers how to use your new platform or train your staff about a new process they need to follow, this is the type of video you are looking for.


Take this video as an example of how you can educate your audience in a fast and effective way:



3. Social Storytelling

This type of video is the perfect way to build your brand while staying active in social media. Think of it as a way to increase engagement and staying top of mind with your customers or prospects. It also allows you to build authenticity with your audience and spread your message at the same time. 

In this video, the company history and corporate values are presented in a way that gives the audience a feeling of familiarity:



  1. Video Ads


These videos come in many different forms, including the ones mentioned previously. They are worth mentioning in their own category, because if you know how to make a good use of the advanced targeting tools most Social Platforms provide,  they’re the most effective way to raise awareness about your product or service.


Here, we have an example of a Video Ad that perfectly combines the elements of an explainer video and social storytelling:

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there isn’t anything more efficient than using videos for social media to boost your brand exposure. Step up your marketing game and rise above the competition with cool videos like the ones we’ve shown above.

If you’d like to know more about how to engage your audience through video marketing, don’t miss our weekly posts or reach out for a personal consultation.

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